Saturday, September 27, 2008

About the show

Once upon a time a woman by name of Rani Devi gained the blessings of a holy sage because of her acts of charity and kindness.The sage granted her with a boon of magical powers, which would be handed down to each daughter in the generations coming up. However, a little disaster occurred just as the sage was bestowing powers on Rani - she sneezed over the sage. The irritated sage could not withdraw the gift he gave her but informed her that her and all of her lineage would be incapable of using the powers for a period of twenty-four hours if they acted stupid. Shararat revolves around Jiya (Shruti Seth), who is the great great great grand daughter of Rani Devi. The show opens with Jiya celebrating her 18th birthday and unknowingly, is now the wielder of supernatural powers. Jiya lives with her family: her father Dr. Suraj Malhotra, her mother Radha, her brother Jai and her grandmother Sushma, who she fondly refers to as 'Nani'. Apart from this, there are a host of Jiya's college friends and acquaintances such as Dhruv - who Jiya secretly has a crush on and who returns her ardor, Parminder (or Pam, as she yells at everybody to call her), the latest NRI entry in the college, who threatens Jiya that she will grab all of Dhruv's attention; Raja,who is always irritated with Meeta running around him, and Meeta, her starry-eyed and romantic best friend. Pam is also the niece of Shanti Saberwal - the classic neighbour - who is convinced that everything is not normal with the Malhotra household and who always goes there to ask for something or the other. The Malhotra home with three fairies who use or should we say misuse their magic nearly always ending up in trouble. Suraj, who learnt on his wedding day that his not only his wife, but even his mother-in-law is a fairy, has to deal with his mother-in-law who insists that her daughter and grand daughter practice magic. Pranks, mishaps, turning people into vegetables, fruits, spoons, animals, etc and tons of 'Shring Bring Sarwaling' - the chant you must utter to perform magic - make Shararat a truly magical, 'Shararati-bhari', for-all-ages comedy.
Farida Jalal ... Nani / Sushma
Shammi ... Rani Devi
Poonam Narula Goel ... Radha
Shruti Seth ... Jiya
Mahesh Thakur ... Suraj
Shoma Anand ... Shanti
Manoj Bohra ... Dhruv
Simple Kaul ... Pam / Parminder


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  4. i ve got a question. so i went to India on vacation and found Shararat. I came back but you see, I have dish i can watch but I always miss the shows. So is there a way I can see all the videos you uploaded and not only the ones for sep. oct. nov. dec.? And last question. How may shows are there weekly? I only get one show on Saturdays. Around 4 pm. my email

  5. hey can u plz name of the actress
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