Friday, October 10, 2008

About us.

Hola to all people,this is me,Ambika.The owner of this blog.First of all i would like to thank you all to take out your time and visit me blog...
Secondly,I would like to make the dates and schedules to upload shararat clear.
So here we go..
I will not stop recording the new episodes that are airing presently on Disney Channel.
As it takes a lot of time for an episode to be fully edited and uploaded.We will have an approx of 1 episode per week...If i am not able to upload an episode any week,then that means I'm busy with schoolwork or my laptop/computer has run out of order.
I have infact a lot of Shararat episodes in que that i would like to upload,but it takes a lot of time.
And I'll be keeping a rule of only one episode per week (im sorry for that!)

If any big events or popular episodes are going to air,then we are going to,either make or record special Generic promos for them!

So the schedule is here....I will be uploading the episodes in weekends...

Thirdly,I would like to inform you all about the *Shararat Creations corner* that we are going to have.We will display our Siggy creations,video mixes,and many other Shararat creations in this corner...There will be 2 different Moderators for this corner...Note - We will also do Sig or VM just need to comment and we'll get back to you =).

Also,I forgot to tell you about the Picture-Promo that we will be having....We will make Picture-Promos if possible for new episodes with releasing date on the picture :).

I think that's all for now,any questions,any queries then just comment in here =),and I'll sort them out!

And a personal request to all of you,please comment on the episode/videos and other stuff if you have seen it and share your thoughts with us,and your friends...:)

Thanx once again for visiting our website,we hope to see you back!!

Note : We will make more About Us! pages when required informing everyone of our schedules and dates...and ofcourse..whats new on our site

Bye and thanx for visiting!

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