Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Shararat Pilot episode's Summary!

Sorry Guys I didnt have time to re-edit it,i just wrote it in rough...So please bear..Im so sorry!
This was a request by divya,and a few other people..as you know that they aren't showing the first episode,I cant upload it :( !
So here's the summary (in rough..sorry for the spelling mistakes,i was in hurry)

Its Jiya's 18th birthday,Nani comes to a visit..and at night..Nani and Radha,together make jiya a pari!The next morning,jiya is told that she is a Pari but Jiya refuses to believe this..At the colege,Pam comes (a new admission) and seduces all the boys including Dhruv.Later that day,Jiya and Meeta are in the girls room while Pam along with her new chamchees (Ina Tina) comes and insults meeta..She pulls out the chair in which meeta was about to sit and makes her fall..then Meeta orders bengan bhajiye and pam starts to feel conjusted while jiya's tells her that the reason she doesnt like bengan bhajiye is because her ex boyfriend used to call her bengan...this is all unknown to jiya..(she knew al this coz she was a pari)Jiya bangs the door on pam and goes away,because she is a pari..the door gets locked magicaly..When Pam comes out,she misbehaves with Meeta,Raja,Dhruv and Jiya..Jiya goes away in anger and Pam comes..she pretends that she is apologising for what all she did,meanwhile she drops ketchup and samosa on jiya's top..Jiya shouts at Pam saying "tumhara dil bengan ki tarah kala hai kala hai kala hai" and clicks her fingers..Pam turns into a bengan!!End of episode 1
Episode 2 - Jiya finally realises that she really IS a pari.she goes home with an annoyed look and tells nani and radha what happened.they try to get pam back but as soon as they do so,pam gets to know there's something abnormal with Jiya..Jiya is afraid she will tell everyone that she is a pari soAll 3 of them go to visit Rani Devi,Rani devi didnt know Jiya so she was pretty mad..they requested Rani devi to bend time in space and give them the day back..while nani starts to fight with Rani devi!
end of episode 2
episode 3 - Jiya wakes up and goes to college and sees tht everything was happening the way they did (yesterday),she soon realises that Rani Devi granted her wish and gave her the day back..Things go the same way and when Jiya is about the make pam a bengan again..The time gets frozen,Rani devi appears and tells Jiya and Pam actually deserves to become a bengan but Jiya shouldn't do this because its not a nice thing..Jiya goes and hugs Pam to avoid making her a bengan and returns home..End of episode 3
After this,they started with Usual stand one only episodes..!

Sorry,and hope that this was ok..!!

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    this is bhargavi from chennai.
    i always visit your blogspot as i love to see shararat.
    please dont think bad but i really want to tell you that you need to take videos of neels epi.will commet next time....