Saturday, March 21, 2009


Yayyyyy!!!We have a new layout!!!!!I was planning for one from a long time (since i put that poll) but never really got time to sit and search for good layouts...But now i kinda got rly rly pissed with my other blog!So i was like..Shararat needs some attention..and i searched the net for some good templates and luckily found a good without searching even for 5 minutes!!
I tried on a layout from there...but didn't like it..So i saw this Flower Layout (which was on the same site) and used it!!I have been looking for this kind of a layout for 2 weeks!
I also asked my friend to make me one,but its just so hard!
I had been thinking when i decided for a new layout that i really don't need 2 collumns..and if i keep my site light then it wouldn't be a problem for slow connections to load ex layout was almost like 115k!And now its 58 k!!
I still need to fix up A LOT of things..I'm planning something rly grand and stick up for it!

Here;s a sad news - I had to get my laptop fomatted so i lost ALL THE SHARARAT episodes i had!But luckily i can have a software which will rip them off again (from youtube)...
No photos from now [sorry].
Because my laptop got formatted i lost my image editing softwares and so couldnt make a new header..but i'll try..I lost the pics too =(
As i said,Im not uploading my own episodes anymore but WILL rip them off the net,upload on youtube for this site!

I hope everyone loves the new layout just like me!!!!

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