Sunday, December 14, 2008

No episode for this week

Ok guys,so i am a bit tied up this week so im sorry i cannot put up an episode.
maybe i will put 2 on christmas,coz i usually put an extra episode on big holidays!
I am going to put an episode maybe by this weekend or wednesday i guess..
And for everyone here
this will be a 7 episode series!
Something about it > Nani lost her memory,and by accident she creates jiya's evil twin and the evil girl makes jiya and dhruv breakup.after sometimes,raja and meeta forgive her (not knowing it was the evil twin who did the mischeifs) and become her friends again..but not Dhruv..
Meanwhile,Rani devi is at a stay at the Malhotra's..and then there is the "Cards and cake" scene that i had uploaded..After 3 episodes (normal ones) jiya and dhruv make up.(i just have that scene)

So it would be a total of about 10 episodes i think!So please don't miss it out..I will upload 1 EACH week!And 2 together on christmas..And maybe ill upload an extra for new years!
Watch it..because it wont stand-one-only!

Sorry for this week!!!

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