Monday, January 26, 2009

Stop Forcing!

Ok so,I have been getting messages like 'You so need to put neel episodes'
The answer is > i am not gonna!!
Guys I have said before in the shoutbox that I am doing as much as I can!!Now that I have a co web I am thinking of stopping (my) uploading and postng whatever he posts..!!
I never committed that this is a Total Shararat Source..
For those who want to watch disney episodes then Watch Disney Channel - India - Monday to Thursday at 7 : 30 PM but Sorry I can't post it!!
Also that is NOT shararat,its Shararat season 4 Called Shararat REMIXED.
So many things changed in it and honestly,i dont like the 4th season.
Stop forcing me to upload those episodes please.I hope this message got everything clear..!!
I'm Sorry for being very rude and unpolite (I hate to be so) But i had to..I couldn't take much pressure..
That's all for today!And I uploaded a new episode..So..!!
Also..To Gunjan > I want you to be my co-web and update this blog whenevr I cant :)
Take Care!!

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