Thursday, February 19, 2009


Ok so I had a few shararat episodes saved on the computer,But,My brother has blocked all my files (Or deleted them) and he expects me to beg him to give them back.I dont know about anyone else,but i would probably not do that under any circumstances.For the timing,I DO NOT have anymore episodes left with me...And recording would take forever...Plus,i need blank DVDS to get the backup of my laptop.

So i won't be uploading for a while (REALLY SORRY).

I'll t-r-y to record a few episodes,if possible.

But otherwise..I think 'thebestakshay' can upload an episode this week..

So I'll put that one up :).

I'll also ask Prem if he could give me any episode!

Sorry guys,But if you have an annoying sibling like I do,then probably you understand what i mean!


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