Wednesday, February 11, 2009


hey everyone
im back
i was on vacation and im sorry for not responding out here
i am not SURE if i'm gonna upload shararat like i used to..I might cut it down to 1 ep for 2 weeks.
Prem hasn't been uploading episode (I dont know why :( )
Just a little note : this is not an official site for shararat episodes.just a small blog for people who really love the show and would like to enjoy a few episodes!Im not here to make this site totally official and stuff..I do it for just keep that in mind before u say something rude..!!
Plus,i want to have a life outside my laptop too!Im just a kid and i want to enjoy..not sit on the net the whole day uploading stuff!
another note : that now officialy im saying that "No season 4 episodes will be added"!
all the msgs asking me to upload it will be IGNORED.
thanx for reading,if u have any problem then please comment!
Take care!

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